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Pearl Jam

AIC, Bumbershoot Festival, September 2, 1990

Pearl Jam’s setlist (08/14/93)

RHCP, Latrobe, 2000
AIC’s first demo tape together

"There was this huge warehouse, and the [rehearsal hall] was part of it, and there was a space in the middle, and a paint company at the end," Jerry began. "And the space in the middle had five million dollars worth of pot in it! Nobody knew it. The cops raided it. They raided it the night before we did our first demo tape. We were all just hanging out–I was sleeping. All of a sudden, people came in, these cops with a SWAT team. I mean guns, everything. I woke up with a gun to my face. He’s [Sean] taking a piss, they shove him up against the wall. It was pretty wild. They shut the whole place down. They said, ‘Nothing’s going in or out, nobody’s leaving.’ ” The ever-resourceful Layne managed to get out somehow. “I went and got in my car and hit about three 7-11s, ripped ‘em off for beer. All the cops were at the [rehearsal hall], so we’d go and steal the beer, and come where all the cops were, and sit there and drink.”
"We talked them into letting us have our stuff," Jerry recalls. "We said, ‘Look, man, you can come in there, you can look at all our stuff, we just need our gear. We’re doing this demo tomorrow. We might get a record deal…’ Whatever. We were thinking, Anything to get this stuff out. So they let us get our stuff out, and we spent the night outside the place, on the sidewalk, sleeping in the cars and on the gear. Then, the guy who was working with us at the time picked us up at about ten in the morning, and we went and started our recording. That was our first demo tape together.”

"They called me Frankenbass or Manimal cause they thought I was angry and pissed off all the time."
-Ben Shepherd